2024 Training Schedule Will Be Posted In the Spring

Aims and Rules Clinic will take place on May 18-19, 2024 near Three Forks. Registration opens for Montana Sharptail members at 9 AM on February 9th. Click here for more details and to register.

Contact Kerry O’Connell at 406-930-2849 or kerryo0899@gmail.com.

The cost of training days are $20 for a full day, or $30 for a weekend. Each extra dog will be an additional $5. This helps cover the cost of equipment used to help train your dog.

Pre-Training RSVP: Please sign up and pay for training ahead of time so we can bring enough birds for everyone. We will only be bringing a few extra birds to each training.

Where: We will be training in the Three Forks and Whitehall areas. We are working on having some training days in the Bitterroot for 2024. 
When: Trainings generally begin at 8:00 am. Depending on the location you are going to, you may need to have a Missouri Headwaters Gun Dog Club membership in order for us to be compliant with the insurance requirements outlined on the land lease agreement between the State and the Headwaters Gun Dog Club. You will know if this is needed well ahead of the training you will be attending.
What to bring: Stake out or kennel, water, lunch, lawn chair, crates for birds. Payment for extra birds or ducks. We can take cash or checks on training days.
What to wear: You will need to wear orange in the field. A blaze orange hat is enough.