We hope you join us in 2024!

Aims and Rules Clinic, May 18-19, 2024 near Three Forks. Registration opens at 9 AM on February 9th.

NA and UT test on July 26-28, 2024 in Whitehall at Sanborn’s Fish Kreek Ranch

NA and UT test on August 30-September 1, 2024 in Whitehall at Sanborn’s Fish Kreek Ranch

See below for details from the 2023 testing season. Expect policy changes to the test fee refund policy for 2024.

Working Handlers (handlers who volunteer for one full day in addition to their test day): 

Natural Ability: $180 per dog
UPT/Utility: $235 per dog

Non-Working Handlers (handlers who are not volunteering):

Natural Ability: $230 per dog
UPT/Utility: $280 per dog

NAVHDA Membership: You will need two numbers, handler and dog.
Handlers: Handlers must be registered with NAVHDA International as a member to run a dog in any NAVHDA sponsored test. 
If you get the Versatile Hunting Dog magazine, you are a member.  If not, time to join!  We feel the magazine is well worth the membership.  http://navhdastore.org/membershippackages.aspx

Testing Dog: The dog you are testing must also be registered with NAVHDA International.  Information is available here: 
Dogs without “full NAVHDA Registrations” may reserve and hold a space in a test but must be fully registered with NAVHDA the day before the test.  Any dog that has not received an Official NAVHDA Registration number 14 days prior to the test will relinquish its space to any dog on a waiting list.  Please contact the NAVHDA International Office and get your dog’s official NAVHDA Registration Number as soon as possible to ensure your spot in a test.

Waiting list:
If a test is full, you may put a dog on a “Waiting List” for that test.  Full payment is required, although refunded (minus a small handling fee) if your dog does not fill a vacated space in a test.  Dogs are placed on the waiting list on a “first come, first served” basis upon receipt of registration form and fees, though tests are filled according to the NAVHDA mandated formula simply because NA, UPT, and UT spots are not all equal.

Test fee refund policy:
Full refunds less a processing fee are given up until 30 days from the first day of the Test Series. 50% refunds are given within 30 days from the first day of the Test Series if the Test does not fill. Full refunds less a processing charge are always given if the test is filled. If you are placed on the waiting list for the test and no spots open up, you will receive a full refund without any processing charges. Any other request for refund must be approved by the Montana Sharptail Board of Directors.

The “14 Day” policy:
Run days will be made official 14 days from a test.  Any changes of “Run Day” after the official “Run Day List” is emailed, MUST be confirmed with and Okay’d by the Test Secretary for that Test Series. The run order will be available the morning of the test.

Filling Tests and the “Foot in the Door” policy:
Test are filled as per NAVHDA’s mandated Test Formula.  This applies to test series that include Natural Ability, Utility Prep, and Utility Tests.  If your dog is on a waiting list, and a dog drops from a test (for example creating a “partial space” as one NA space is not equal to a UPT or UT space)…Your dog may gain “Foot in the Door” status until 14 days from the test, at which point the Test Secretary will fill the test and give “Run Days” to Owners and Handlers as per the NAVHDA mandated formula.

​Photos from 2023 tests.